1. Benefit #1

It does not need an enclosure. When you eliminate the enclosure you eliminate all of the negative attributes of an enclosure and the cost. 

  1. Benefit #2

Because of the shape and size of the diaphragm and the manner in which it generates sound it functions as an omnidirectional driver.

  1. Benefit #3

Because it is omnidirectional it can be a full range driver. 

  1. Benefit #4

Because of its slim shape it fits unobtrusively into in any environment. 

  1. Benefit #5

The Planot design can be scaled, from small to large, like traditional

cone /pistonic drivers. But, because of its shape and since it does not have an enclosure, it is a perfect fit for: autos, boats, iPhones, iPads, laptops, flat screen TV’s, computer monitors, etc. 

  1. Benefit #6

Since the diaphragm moves on bearings instead of a rubber/fabric hinge the voice coil always moves linearly in the magnetic gap.

  1. Benefit #7

Planot driver is not a point source. Planot generates planar waves. It's power output does not follow the same inverse square law as point source drivers.

Planot® Speaker

The world's only 3D-Diaphragm TM

True360 TM

The world's only driver with plug-in design.

US Patent

The speaker box is now obsolete.

The Black and White Speaker.

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